We are a local Christian church called by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to proclaim the gospel and glorify and serve the living God.

Crossway Fellowship finds its mission and purpose in three Mission Directives. 


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news to a dying world. Because God loved us, we love others by proclaiming and spreading the Gospel entrusted to the Church for the glory of God.


God redeemed us to grow in his love and knowledge. One way we do this is through intentional, loving, vibrant fellowship with other believers with the purpose of helping each other love and follow Christ for the glory of God.

Global Missions

God has a global plan for the world. We believe that God has given the Church the mission of making Jesus known as Lord and Savior. Therefore, we desire to be partakers of God’s global mission to save the lost locally and internationally for the glory of God.

What we believe

We believe in one Holy, Good, Triune, and Perfect God. We believe God is one in three persons the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe God has given His Inspired, Holy, Inerrant, and Sufficient Word to His people to lead, correct, and perfect them. At Crossway Fellowship, we treasure, preach, and teach the Bible as God’s Holy Word. We believe that men sinned against God, condemning all mankind to separation from God and eternal destiny of condemnation and punishment. The Gospel is the message that God, in His love, mercy, and grace, gave His only Son to die on the cross to pay for the sins of the people God chose before the foundation of the world, God the Son rose from the dead at the third day, and today lives and reigns with the Father and the Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit does a mighty job convincing people of their sins, leading them into repentance, equipping them with faith, and regenerating the elect to enable them to respond to the gospel's message.

We believe the Church is the physical manifestation of
God’s presence in the World. Therefore, the church has the mission of Evangelism, Discipleship, and Global Missions; the Church displays the union between the Lord Jesus Christ and His people until He returns to the World to be reunited with His people and finally establish His kingdom of justice and peace.

Our Doctrine

Want to dive deeper into our doctrine and the Scriptures that support it? Read more through the link below or ask for a doctrine booklet on your next visit.